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    March 14-15th 2019


    Paris Edtech Days

  • Why Paris?

    Paris is the second fastest growing Edtech ecosystem in Europe (after London) and the eighth in the world according to a July 2018 report from Navitas Ventures. What makes our ecosystem grow is the combination of efforts from the public sector, the fact that it's very well connected and that (VC) investment is present.

    A strong will from the public sector

    Public stakeholders in France are proactively supporting and investing in Edtech. Public tenders have been launched to financially support NGOs, startups, and larger companies. You will meet the most active entities: Caisse des Dépôts (the biggest French public bank) and the French Ministry of Education.

    Investment in Edtech taking off

    Besides public tenders, two VC funds that invest only in European Edtech startups have chosen to be based in Paris. This is of great help to Edtech companies in France. They will tell you more about their investment thesis and portfolio companies.

    Startups on the rise

    We have more than 300 Edtech startups in France, a number that is rising faster every day. This is a sign that the market is opening up. Ecosystem initiatives like the Edtech Observatory and Edtech France make these startups visible. You'll meet some of the most promising K12, Higher Ed and Corporate Learning startups.


    The Programme

    You'll meet organizations leading the way in Edtech and extraordinary changemakers

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    LearnSpace - 🇪🇺Edtech Accelerator

    March 14th

    Introductory Talk: 'French vs European Edtech Ecosystems' Svenia Busson

    Then, meet LearnSpace, a European Edtech Accelerator, helping European Entrepreneurs grow. Learn more about our programme & get to know our portfolio companies

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    EduCapital & Brighteye Ventures

    March 14th

    Meet the Partners of the only two European Edtech VC Funds, both of which have chosen to be based in Paris.

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    Edtech France

    March 14th

    Meet Edtech France, an initiative built for and by entrepreneurs to help them grow and gain visibility in France and abroad. Hear a selection of high potential startups pitch

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    Networking Dinner

    March 14th

    We'll close this first day with a typical french dinner in a restaurant whose food and wine selection will delight you.

    Guest startups + industry experts will join us here.


    The Programme

    You'll meet organizations leading the way in Edtech and extraordinary change makers

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    CRI Paris - Edtech Master

    March 15th

    The CRI Paris is a university with a strong appeal to Edtech. Meet the program directors of their Edtech Master and meet some of their bright students.

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    Edtech Observatory & Caisse des Dépôts

    March 15th

    Meet the makers of the Edtech Observatory: EdFab (business cluster) and Caisse des Dépôts (Public Bank), both very involved in Edtech.

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    Lab 110 bis - Ministry of Education

    March 15th

    Learn more about the French Ministry's Education Lab and hear about how its team takes action to foster change from within.

  • Your guides

    We are going to make your stay as smooth as possible and guide you through the French Edtech scene.


    *no French skills required to participate, everything will happen in English 🇬🇧

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    Svenia Busson

    CEO @LearnSpace

    VP @Edtech France

    Founder @Edtech Tours

    "Join us to explore the 2nd fastest growing Edtech Ecosystem in Europe! Tell us what is of most interest to you and we'll make your experience as personalized as possible."

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    Naiane Rios

    Project Manager @LearnSpace

    CRI Edtech Master

    "In 2 days, you'll get an inside look at how startups, universities, government, NGOs, and investors are collaborating to create a special edtech ecosystem in France. This is an unmissable opportunity."

  • Testimonials

    What previous participants thought about it!

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    Enrico Poli

    Director, VC investments @Zanichelli Venture 🇮🇹

    In two hectic, exciting days you’ll get up close and personal to every important stakeholder in the brisk, bright Paris edtech scene: from investors to founders to researchers to public servants. Svenia, a world-class edtech specialist, adviser and founder herself of Paris’ first edtech accelerator, is the best guide to this vibrant ecosystem you could wish for.

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    Marie Bahon

    Right hand to the CEO, MGEN 🇫🇷

    The Paris Edtech Days were a great experience ! We learnt a lot about the major actors and makers of the French Edtech. If you want to have an overview of the Edtech sector while having a good time : go and register to this learning expedition « made in » Svenia Busson and LearnSpace !

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